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Who are We?

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If you’re looking for a personal injury lawyer in Hamilton, Ontario, then you won’t have to look hard. A quick search brings you many results, each bearing credentials that make them sound like just the legal team to bring your case to justice. Read more.

What Separates Us?

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When looking for an attorney who has your best interest at heart, many Hamilton lawyers may claim that they truly have you in mind when taking on your case. Read more.

Steps to Take After Injury

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It’s the job of your Hamilton personal injury lawyer to make sure that you get the fairest and speediest trial possible. The burden of the outcome of the trail lies directly in their hands. Read more.

Hamilton’s Most Trusted Personal Injury Lawyer

The whole world is accident prone. No one alive can escape the reality that accidents are a part of life, whether you’re from Italy, Africa, or right here in Hamilton. There are always going to be seemingly harmless accidents, maybe more embarrassing than anything, that will happen to a person throughout their lifetime.

On other occasions, accidents are incredibly harmful, traumatizing, and can leave a permanent mark on someone’s life. These accidents often involve mental and physical injury that may take years to heal. These accidents may leave victims with scars that last a lifetime. In the case you find yourself a victim of this kind of accident, we’re here to make sure you get the quality treatment you deserve.

Dedicated and Trusted Staff and Services

After an accident, you’ll find that many things are suddenly time sensitive or that they’ll have an expiration date. Maybe you only have so many days to file an insurance claim via your car insurance. Maybe your days at work are now numbered because you can’t hold a job with your injuries. It’s no wonder that many accident victims are often stressed as a side effect of their injuries. When you become hurt due to negligence or a situation you can’t be blamed for, it may feel like the world is punishing you for no reason.

We’re here to help alleviate as much of that stress as possible. Instead of worrying constantly about being compensated, let us do our job for you. One of our Hamilton injury lawyers will be more than happy to consult with you about our standards and practices, which can be a huge relief to many potential clients looking for resources to curb their anxiety.

Experts on Canadian Law

No one ever wants to have to deal with the legal system no matter where they may live. While many are grateful or envious of Canada’s laws and legal inner workings, trying to navigate any legal system personally is a chore. When someone becomes the victim of an accident, the last they should have to do is try to learn about law and try to practice it on their own, unadvised and easily confused. People study law for years and years in order to become an attorney. Don’t put pressure on yourself to become one overnight.

Hiring a Hamilton injury lawyer is one way you can start getting things back to normal after your accident. Our firm’s attorneys are highly trained and knowledgeable about Canadian law and how it applies to your specific accident. There’s no need to try to be your own lawyer or advocate when you have resources available to ensure you get the best legal defense for the best price right in your own town.

Specialized and Attentive Service

There are many Hamilton personal injury lawyers out there, which may lead you to think: why should I choose this firm over any others? It’s true that there are many reputable and fantastic attorneys available all over Canada, even in Hamilton, but we have something that they lack.

Instead of seeing you as nothing more than a client whose case we need to win, we see you as a person who has been treated with injustice, whether by a specific person or the world. We want to see you succeed and win your case not just because it’s our job and what we’re paid for. We want to see you win your case because you deserve to due to the negligence, the misfortune, or even the bad luck that led to such an incident. We don’t see you as just one of the over 500,000 Hamilton citizens, we see you as an individual who needs us to fight for you. You deserve an attorney who wants you to win because you’re worth the fight, and we’re just the legal team for the job.

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Practice Areas


Car Accidents

Even a small accident can lead to big injuries, even if you seem fine afterwards.

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Wrongful Death

Wrongful death lawsuits are often hard but necessary to bring a loved one justice.

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Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents are common and can happen a mile from home or right around the block.

View Practice Detail

Slip and Fall

Often thought of as a minor form of litigation, slip and fall injuries are serious and deserve attention.

View Practice Detail

Work-Related Injuries

Being injured on the job due to neglegence can lead to loss of income and periods of downtime.

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Animal Attack

Animal attacks are typically caused by another person's pet that they are responsible for.

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