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The 3 Most Common Types of Work-Related Injuries

Getting hurt on the job is one of those things that no one can ever see coming. Most of the time, a person doesn’t walk into work in the morning expecting to run the risk of suffering from a personal injury. Unfortunately, accidents can be waiting around every turn, even in places where people are supposed to feel protected. While there are many different ways to be the victim of a work related injury, here are a few of the most common ones to watch out for.

Heavy Lifting

Any personal injury lawyer in hamilton can tell you that heavy lifting is one of the most common types of work related injuries that can happen. Just about any job will require some sort of physical work at one point or another. This could be anything from moving and lifting boxes in a stock room, to having to refill a water cooler in the office. While there are lots of tips that can help a person lift easier without hurting themselves, sometimes the body reacts badly to too much exertion.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, and it’s certainly not uncommon for them to happen in the work place. While most slip and fall accidents are minor and don’t result in any major damages, a good Whitby personal injury hamilton knows that a slip and fall can potentially lead to serious damages. Pulled muscles and broken bones are often a result of a bad slip and fall case.

Malfunctioning Machinery

Malfunctioning machinery is nothing to be taken likely. Personal injury lawyers in hamilton have seen too many accidents and wrongful death cases come out of this type of work related injury. Most of the time, a case of malfunctioning machinery comes from factory workers, but any business can have a piece of equipment that isn’t working right and can put an employee in danger.

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Swimming Safely: A Quick Tip List

Swimming safely in hamilton has never been easier if you know which tips and tricks to take to the water with you. There are a great number of accidents that can happen in and out of the water every single year, and the more you know about swimming safely, the less likely any of those accidents can happen to you. Personal injury can strike at any time–even if you’re trying to go out for a leisurely swim–so try to protect yourself accordingly.

Always Wear Life Vests

If you’re going to go out boating, then it’s extremely advisable for you to always wear a life vest. Not only will you be much safer in the event of falling out of whatever boat you’re on, but you’re also going to end up setting a good example for any children that go out for you while swimming in Oshawa. Even if it’s just a quick fishing trip, be smart, and wear a vest.

Understand Your Limits

Many swimmers end up in dangerous situations every single year because they simply don’t understand their own limits in the water. If you aren’t used to swimming in extremely deep water, then make sure to confine yourself to more shallow swimming opportunities. There’s nothing wrong with this if it keeps you safe and sound, and that’s what you should be aiming towards.

Always Swim With a Friend

If you’re going out into the ocean, or a lake, or even to a pool alone, you’re going to end up putting yourself at even more risk. Bringing along a friend or a family member means that you’ve got someone watching out for you, and even if you’re very sure of your swimming capabilities, you’re going to be much safer just by having someone else there with you.

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Summer Fun That Won’t Hurt You

During the summer months of Vaughan, it might be difficult to think of different things to do that are safe, fun, and family-friendly. There are a few things that we can suggest, and with proper safety attached to them, these are things that you and your family can do with a minimum amount of personal injury risk. As always, approach with caution, but in these cases, you’ll probably see very little in the way of issues.

Boating–With Life Preservers

If you want to go out to fish in the middle of a lake, always take a life preserver with you. This isn’t going to hurt you; this is going to be a relaxing day out on the water, and if you make sure to follow proper safety procedures, it’s going to be extremely unlikely that anyone ends up hurt as a courtesy of this.

Amusement Park Fun

Amusement parts that are properly and well-maintained are a great source of fun for you and your family over the summer. Always make sure to check out reviews of different amusement parks, and if you decide to go to a water park, dress appropriately and with the appropriate footwear in order to maintain a safe, fun environment for the entire family.

Summer Renn Fairs

Renaissance fairs have a solid presence in Vaughan, and that’s why you should take your family to check them out at least once. In order to enjoy these fairs properly, however, make sure to always wear the appropriate footwear. If you’re going to end up being around animals at these fairs, always make sure to act with caution and follow the direction of the animals’ handlers. By doing so, you can have a great deal of fun over the summer by attending one of these great attractions.

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Avoiding Liability During Your Child’s Birthday Party

Your child’s party in Pickering should be an event full of fun and excitement, but unfortunately, these kinds of parties can leave you wide open in the world of personal injury claims. You need to make sure that your own child is staying safe, but also, that the other children attending the party aren’t in any way capable of getting themselves hurt. If something does happen, however, you want to make sure that you aren’t at fault.

If There Are Animals, There Should Be Waivers

Protecting the children that are attending the birthday party is important, but you also want to make sure that you’re covered in the event of an accident. If you decide to have pony rides at your party, for example, you need to make sure that the children that want to ride the ponies there sign a waiver that protects you from fault.

Even if they aren’t your horses, if it happens on your property, you can end up being in a pretty tight spot. Always make sure to cover this particular aspect, and you’ll be in good shape.

Post Signs Around Your Pool

If you have a pool and your child is hosting a pool party, then you need to make sure that the children around your pool know the safety rules. Posted signs about no running or diving can end up giving you the extra bit of wiggle room in order to say that you warned them beforehand. This can keep you safe, and it can also give them a little bit of a safety warning themselves.

It’s also smart to always have life-saving devices around your pool if you are going to have any guests over in Pickering. Make sure to cover these bases, and you’ll be much better off in the eyes of the law.

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How to Open a Case if You Were the Victim of a Hit and Run

No one wants or expects to ever suffer from a serious car accident. No one is ever prepared for the expensive medical fees and damage repair costs that come with an accident. No one is ever prepared for all of the inconveniences that they will face after an accident. All of these things can be made ten times worse when the victim of a car accident is faced with a hit and run case. Personal injury law firms in Hamilton how just how difficult hit and run cases can be, and it can often times feel like it’s pointless to even open a case afterward. But, all hope isn’t lost. If you’ve been the victim of a hit and run case, there are some steps you need to take.

It’s true that hit and run cases can be tricky. Often times, more inexperienced law firms might not be so eager to take these types of cases. However, if you know where to turn, it’s not hard to find the best personal injury lawyer Hamilton. After a hit and run accident, always do whatever you can to get as many witness testimonies as possible. With no set defendant, witness testimonies are often times your best bet for getting compensated quickly. Take photos of any damages or injuries that occurred as soon as possible. By providing all of the same type of information that you would in a normal car accident claim, it’s much more likely that you will be compensated.

If you are unsure of what to do after a hit and run, get in touch with the best injury lawyer in Hamilton. We will be there to help take you through things step by step and make sure that you don’t miss any vital information that you will need for you case.

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How Your Child Might Complicate Your Case


Children and courts are a tricky mix. Even when they aren’t directly involved in cases, they can come up and complicate things. If you are facing a personal injury case, know that it will impact your childcare. There are a few situations where it might happen (and many more where it shouldn’t), and knowing how to respond can save you stress.

Get A Babysitter

First off, a court case of any type takes a lot of time. From the start, you’ve got to spend plenty of time talking with lawyers and filling out paperwork. Then come the court dates which require your physical presence. The younger the children, the more likely this is to disrupt childcare routines. Children and offices don’t mix, and bringing them along will bore them and disrupt your work. If you can, get a babysitter on hand ASAP for when you have to attend court-related things. Even for the preliminary stages, leaving your child with someone you trust will help you get the process done quicker. You’ll return to them sooner than you think.

Future Custody

If you’re a single parent facing a serious injury, know that questions about your child’s custody could come up. This is a terrifying prospect, but taking some early steps for safety will provide a lot of stability. Make you can to make sure you can prove they still have someone to watch them and provide what they need. This is especially the case if you have to spend extended time in the hospital. As soon as you’re injured, make sure they have someone who can take them in, at least for the short term. This could be a relative, family friend, or trusted neighbor. Having an established emergency contact for them will offer stability in the trying time. It’s good for your kids, as well, to know they have someone to turn to.

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Who Is Responsible for Wild Animal Attacks?

Kitchener families have to look after their small dogs, as Coyote attacks have only become more common since the 2011 incident in the Doon neighbourhood that started what seems like a wave of attacks. When it comes right down to it, however, who can be held responsible for wild animal attacks? If you or your pet is injured, who can you turn to for compensation?

The Government in Park Safety Cases

When it comes to finding a personal injury lawyer, Kitchener has more than a few who are familiar with wild animal attacks. If you’re in a public park that has been poorly maintained, with without signs warning of wild animals, or if there are things such as fences that have broken and now allow wild animals, primarily coyotes in Ontario, to attack people and dogs you could hold the government responsible for what happens.

Individual Members in Negligence Cases

If you can prove that someone was being negligent and it lead to a wild animal attack, your Kitchener personal injury lawyerscan help you get the compensation that you deserve. This would include things like leaving their garbage out, even when it repeatedly attracted unwelcome wild animals to the area. If they supply the animals with food and then one of them hurts you, that can be enough for you to hold them responsible for what happens to you as a result of the wild animal attacks.

No One in Other Cases

Unfortunately, there isn’t always someone to blame. If the government maintained their habitat and no one showed negligence in attracting them, even the best Kitchener personal injury lawyer couldn’t get your compensation. Sometimes wild animal attacks are as wild as the creatures themselves, and no one could have predicted or prevented the attack.

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When Should You Seek Legal Aid For a Work Injury?

No one climbs out of bed in the morning, eats their cereal, and decides to go into work and get hurt that day. Workplace injuries are common, but they are also often sudden and surprising. When you find yourself getting hurt on the job, you might not know what to do. What if you’re losing wages? How can you get them back? Deciding when to file a personal injury claim for a work injury isn’t always easy. Here’s when you should take that step.

Your Injury Was the Result of Employer Negligence

Were you hurt as a result of something your employer did or didn’t do? If there are unsafe practices in place at your job and they caused your injury, you have a claim. If for any reason you think your employer should be held responsible, a claim may be in your future. Employers are required by law to keep you safe on the job. If they aren’t, hold them accountable.

Your Injury Prevents You From Resuming Your Old Job

Sometimes a workplace injury can be so severe that it precludes you from resuming your old job duties. On the other hand, your boss may simply refuse to let you return to the position. In this case, file a personal injury suit. You may be able to get your job, and your lost wages, back in hand.

Your Employer Refuses to Compensate or Aid You

What if your boss isn’t making any accommodations for you at all after an injury? That’s not legal. If you feel discriminated against because of your injury, the courts are your answer. Don’t wait until it’s too late. After you’ve been hurt at work, seeking advice from an injury lawyer should be your next step right away. You never know when the situation might at work might take a turn for the worse.

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When Is It Too Late to Open Your Slip and Fall Claim

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere at any time of the year. If a person is lucky, after a slip and fall they will be able to get up and walk away with only minor injuries. They might suffer from a bruise or a little scrape, but they are able to go on with their lives. However, personal injury lawyers in hamilton know that often times the victim of a slip and fall accident isn’t so lucky. Slip and fall accidents can lead to muscle damage or even broken bones. This can force a victim to have to take time off of work and even suffer from a loss of wages. But, what is a victim to do if their injuries aren’t so immediate? Some long term muscle damage might not be apparent right away, and it might leave a victim wondering if it’s too late to open their slip and fall claim.

While a person will usually know right away whether they have suffered from a broken bone or other major injury, it might be difficult to tell if they have long term damages. One of the best ways to be certain if something is wrong and if you need to get in touch with a personal injury lawyer in hamilton is by going to a doctor immediately. A slip and fall accident might not seem serious at first, but if a victim is in pain for several days afterwards, they shouldn’t let the accident go unnoticed. By visiting a doctor, they will be able to better tell if they might be facing a long term issue.

If a victim neglects visiting a doctor and getting a diagnosis right away, they could very well miss their window of opportunity for opening a claim. Visit a doctor first and then consult the best hamilton personal injury lawyers if you feel you have a case.

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Looking for Legal Help on a Budget

Sometimes the idea of sinking into legal debt keeps people from ever talking to a lawyer at all after they experience an accident. This is unfortunate, because having a good lawyer is critical to getting full compensation for an injury. High quality legal aid doesn’t only have to be for the wealthy. Here are some tips to get yourself a great lawyer, even when you’re on a budget.

Find Law Firms That Offer Free Consultations

One thing that turns off a lot of people to getting the legal assistance they need is the fear that they don’t have a valid case. When you’re unsure if your case claim will hold up in court and you’re running on a tight budget, the idea of paying money for a case evaluation only to find out you can’t get any compensation isn’t an attractive one. Instead of wasting money on a consultation, find law firms in your area that offer free case evaluations or consultations.

Discuss Pricing During Your Case Evaluation

While you’re at the firm talking over your claim, bring up the subject of pricing. Every law firm has its own unique pricing system, so it’s important to get a feel for your firm’s policies up front. Some firms will want you to make continuous payments throughout the process, while others only charge legal fees after your case is over and done with. Ask your lawyer what fees you’ll be looking at and when you’re expected to pay them.

Remember That Your Case Could Last for Years

Most cases are not resolved quickly. It could be months or years before you see a dime of your rightful compensation, so keep that in mind when you’re working out your budget. You’ll be paying a lot of costs on your own before you can win or settle a case.