How Your Child Might Complicate Your Case

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Children and courts are a tricky mix. Even when they aren’t directly involved in cases, they can come up and complicate things. If you are facing a personal injury case, know that it will impact your childcare. There are a few situations where it might happen (and many more where it shouldn’t), and knowing how to respond can save you stress.

Get A Babysitter

First off, a court case of any type takes a lot of time. From the start, you’ve got to spend plenty of time talking with lawyers and filling out paperwork. Then come the court dates which require your physical presence. The younger the children, the more likely this is to disrupt childcare routines. Children and offices don’t mix, and bringing them along will bore them and disrupt your work. If you can, get a babysitter on hand ASAP for when you have to attend court-related things. Even for the preliminary stages, leaving your child with someone you trust will help you get the process done quicker. You’ll return to them sooner than you think.

Future Custody

If you’re a single parent facing a serious injury, know that questions about your child’s custody could come up. This is a terrifying prospect, but taking some early steps for safety will provide a lot of stability. Make you can to make sure you can prove they still have someone to watch them and provide what they need. This is especially the case if you have to spend extended time in the hospital. As soon as you’re injured, make sure they have someone who can take them in, at least for the short term. This could be a relative, family friend, or trusted neighbor. Having an established emergency contact for them will offer stability in the trying time. It’s good for your kids, as well, to know they have someone to turn to.