Animal Attack

You may think that being attacked by an animal is rare, but being bitten and attacked by an unfamiliar creature is a very real possibility, even in Hamilton. While many citizens are at least aware of the possibility of accidental injury on the road or at work, most don’t think about the risks involved simply by being outside or in the vicinity of a wild animal. Aside from Hamilton being home to many pet owners, many raccoons, bears, coyotes, and foxes also call the surrounding area their home, and all can possibly be dangerous.

In some cases, a person may have purposefully provoked an animal in order to get a rise out of it. If someone is attacked due to taunting or mistreatment of an animal, no case is present and compensation may not be available. If you or someone you know has been attacked by a wild animal without provocation, however, there is a definite possibility you have a case against the owner of the animal that happened to attack you.

Being attacked by an animal can actually be a very traumatic experience. For instance, many people who suffer dog bites report having distrust for dogs from then on out. Animals like dogs and cats are often thought to be friendly and docile because of their common association as pets. When bitten by a feral cat or wild dog, many victims feel like they can’t trust any other animals they don’t know because of this association.

While a lawyer can’t directly act as a therapist and help with this kind of trauma, starting a claim against the owner of the animal who happened to attack you is one step to take in order to start getting life back to normal again. Look for a personal injury lawyer; Hamilton attorneys are ready and willing to take on your animal attack case. At our firm, we believe that animal attacks should be taken as serious as all forms of accidents, and that there is another layer of trauma added to the situation when the perpetrator is an animal.

Just like with any other case, you’ll need to gather evidence and assist your attorney as much as possible. Taking photographs of the injury area is standard practice, so be mindful of this before starting your claim. If at all possible and for future reference, photographs of the wound should be taken both before and after medical attention is given. In the same vein, having a physical and consulting a doctor on healing steps to take is also a necessity. There are many Hamilton doctors willing to give you a proper physical and documentation to provide to your legal team. In the event you haven’t sought out medical treatment, we may be able to provide you the name of a doctor for an examination.