Car Accidents

Car accidents are the most common form of case brought to personal injury lawyers in Hamilton, and even in other parts of the country. With millions of motorists going to and from anyplace they need to go every day, it’s no wonder car accidents are so prevalent in Canada. Even in Hamilton fender-benders and big accidents occur, leading to property damage and personal injury. In fact, Hamilton was the only one of Ontario’s five most populous cities to not have a lowered automobile accident rate as of 2011. Many personal injury lawsuits are considered by our legal team and they often involve accidents on the road. One of the biggest mistakes we often see made when car accident victims are involved in litigation is the absence of immediate or quick medical treatment. When accident victims get into a crash their first thought is usually on how soon their car can be up and running, not whether they need first aid or medical attention. In some cases first aid is simply applied without consent, such as in a case where someone is in a near-fatal collision. Often times, though, car accident victims simply don’t think a doctor is necessary to treat any possible wounds.

Why? The logic is often reasonable yet flawed. People believe that if they don’t feel any pain or notice anything immediately wrong, everything is fine with their body post-accident and that they are perfectly healthy. However, many car accident victims find that they face physical symptoms related to the accident months or even a year later, and these symptoms weren’t present at the time of the accident.

It is possible to file a claim for a personal injury lawsuit later on after the accident, but it’s imperative you set the ball in motion as quickly as possible so the best trial can be afforded to you. When looking for an injury law firm, Hamilton has plenty of them. Visit with us for a free legal consultation regarding the possibility of a personal injury suit. Before a personal injury claim can be filed, however, a medical examination needs to take place in order to validate the claim of injury. Again, getting medical attention as fast as possible after the accident is the key to ensure you get the best trial possible.

Car accident cases deal heavily with who was at fault according to Canadian driving laws and the specific traffic laws in Hamilton. Your Hamilton-based legal team will sort through the laws involving your case, letting you know who was at fault and whether a case is present or not.