Slip and Fall

Slipping in the middle of a store is often more embarrassing than it is painful, and we’ve all been there. Falling in public is something that most consider to be a minor inconvenience, and usually only come out of the situation with a bruised ego or backside. Your Hamilton injury law firm lawyer or legal team can tell you, however, that sometimes these seemingly innocent slips can actually lead to massive injuries caused by the negligence of a building or company.

It’s true that most slips and falls in Hamilton don’t lead to personal injury claims being filed, and there’s a good reason for that. It’s unnecessary and often silly to try to file every time you happen to slip and fall down in public, especially since it’s often not the fault of the establishment the fall took place in. Other times, the incorrect treatment of objects or liquid on a floor can lead to someone falling backwards, hitting their head, and causing severe injury. Common injuries associated with slipping and falling are broken bones (namely in the buttock and ribs) and concussion from falling backwards or forwards and falling on bones that aren’t made to withhold that force. Another common form of a slip and fall claim comes about during the harsher winter months when the roads and sidewalks become slick. According to section 44(9) of the Municipal Act of Ontario, litigants can file a claim with the city where the incident occurred, and the city can be found liable if it has been proven they were neglectful of city maintenance. If you slip and fall on a public street in Hamilton, the city may be liable.

There’s nothing embarrassing or shameful about admitting you hurt yourself falling. This is an accident often associated with children or the elderly, meaning adults all over Hamilton are victims of slip and fall accidents but never report the claim, simply because they feel embarrassed by their injuries and what caused them. Remember that it’s not necessarily your fault for falling and injuring yourself severely in public when certain safety procedures aren’t met. The most common way people slip and injure themselves in public is via a building’s negligence to keep their floor clean or to put up notifications of a slick surface.

Your Hamilton personal injury law firm will walk you through the process of filing a slip and fall claim. Choosing us as your legal team to file your claim with, we’ll consult with you on where the fault lies in your specific case. Most stores have security cameras which can be asked for as evidence in the trial. Using footage from the scene, it’s possible to sometimes pinpoint whether or not proper safety measures were put in place, or if perhaps the accident was indeed caused by the victim themselves. As a precaution, slip and fall cases often fall under the category of “he said, she said”, meaning evidence gathering can be very difficult.