Work-Related Injuries

Accidents and mishaps are quite common in some lines of work. Many jobs that involve high risk situations make sure their employees understand the possible repercussions of the work environment. You often see clauses and contracts such as these in work forces such as mill work, chemical plants, and police and fireperson staffs. In these lines of work, certain safety measures are taken in order to make sure that the chances of injury or bodily harm are reduced, but these careers often see a very high injury rate due to their dangerous conditions.

Any injury lawyer, Hamilton based or not, will surely tell you that work-related injuries may actually be a result of negligence in some scenarios, and not just a dangerous workplace. For instance, injuries sustained in certain workforces are typical and usually the fault of the employee. A chef that doesn’t handle his knife correctly and cuts himself isn’t someone who can file a work-related injury claim. Someone who is on the job and who hurts themselves due to a negligent employee or system, however, is capable of filing a claim to state their injury was avoidable and not their own fault.

If you asked workers in Hamilton what one of their biggest fears in regards to their job is, most would answer that they have a fear of losing it or having to leave work. Sometimes sympathy can’t be had for those who make mistakes consciously and get fired as a result. Someone who is injured and cannot work due to something that isn’t their own fault, however, is very deserving of a fair trial to get the compensation they deserve. Another resource your attorney will tell you about is the Hamilton Community Legal Clinic’s offer of Workers’ Compensation for those who can’t work related to a disability or injury.

Often the reality of the situation is that the victim of a work-related injury will have to stay away from work in order to recuperate. Some businesses included clauses telling employees how long they have to or can stay away from work due to injury. After the injury is sustained, it is then the job of Hamilton personal injury law firms to examine the case and see who is at fault for the accident. If it is thought that there is a case for a work-related injury claim, the fact that the victim cannot work during their period of recovery is taken into consideration when compensation is considered. Often the compensation will include any out of pocket medical-related costs not afforded by Canadian medical care, loss of wages, and any psychological damage suffered because of the incident. Our firm will gladly take on your work-related injury case and make sure you get the exact compensation you deserve.