Wrongful Death

Death is hard on anyone involved with the deceased, no matter the cause. In cases where someone was sick or ill for a long period of time, death may have been imminent, making the passing somewhat easier on a family who knew what to expect. There are many different variables to weigh out when considering the death of a loved one. In the case of someone being ill, it’s said that it’s hard to watch them suffer, but also easier to let them go.

Letting a loved one go after a prolonged period of grief isn’t an option often afforded to those who lose a loved one because of wrongful death. In the case of wrongful death lawsuits, the deceased in question is often killed at work or during their daily life for a reason that can only be blamed on the negligence of someone else.

By many Hamilton injury law firms, wrongful death lawsuits don’t fall under the same category as murder, and are often thought of as “negligent homicide”. The different phrasing comes with the intent to kill being present or not during the act that led to someone’s death. For instance, killing someone in cold blood would be murder, while a drunk driver who accidentally kills someone with their reckless behavior can be thought of as a wrongful death due to negligent homicide. In September of 2012, a family sued Hamilton’s St. Joseph West 5th campus for a similar reason, claiming the hospital failed to protect their son, leading to his death.

Such tragedies are unavoidable, even in towns like Hamilton. As a law firm dealing in wrongful death suits, our mission is to make the law suit regarding the cause of your loved ones death as painless a process as realistically possible. While we can’t directly help you overcome grief or bring your loved one back, we can take your legal burdens away by handling your case with care, professionalism, and sincerity. Unlike other law firms, we strongly believe in helping our clients through tough times as if their problems were our own.

Our personal injury lawyers in Hamilton are strongly committed to their wrongful death cases, and make sure to give them extremely special attention. It’s often that civil suits such as these uncover truths about a person’s death that may not have made it into official death records. One purpose of a wrongful death suit is to truly figure out the cause of death in a situation where the circumstances are unclear. In most wrongful death cases, an avoidable work-related accident is to blame, but sometimes the real truth behind the accident isn’t so clear.