Who Is Responsible for Wild Animal Attacks?

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Kitchener families have to look after their small dogs, as Coyote attacks have only become more common since the 2011 incident in the Doon neighbourhood that started what seems like a wave of attacks. When it comes right down to it, however, who can be held responsible for wild animal attacks? If you or your pet is injured, who can you turn to for compensation?

The Government in Park Safety Cases

When it comes to finding a personal injury lawyer, Kitchener has more than a few who are familiar with wild animal attacks. If you’re in a public park that has been poorly maintained, with without signs warning of wild animals, or if there are things such as fences that have broken and now allow wild animals, primarily coyotes in Ontario, to attack people and dogs you could hold the government responsible for what happens.

Individual Members in Negligence Cases

If you can prove that someone was being negligent and it lead to a wild animal attack, your Kitchener personal injury lawyerscan help you get the compensation that you deserve. This would include things like leaving their garbage out, even when it repeatedly attracted unwelcome wild animals to the area. If they supply the animals with food and then one of them hurts you, that can be enough for you to hold them responsible for what happens to you as a result of the wild animal attacks.

No One in Other Cases

Unfortunately, there isn’t always someone to blame. If the government maintained their habitat and no one showed negligence in attracting them, even the best Kitchener personal injury lawyer couldn’t get your compensation. Sometimes wild animal attacks are as wild as the creatures themselves, and no one could have predicted or prevented the attack.