When Should You Seek Legal Aid For a Work Injury?

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No one climbs out of bed in the morning, eats their cereal, and decides to go into work and get hurt that day. Workplace injuries are common, but they are also often sudden and surprising. When you find yourself getting hurt on the job, you might not know what to do. What if you’re losing wages? How can you get them back? Deciding when to file a personal injury claim for a work injury isn’t always easy. Here’s when you should take that step.

Your Injury Was the Result of Employer Negligence

Were you hurt as a result of something your employer did or didn’t do? If there are unsafe practices in place at your job and they caused your injury, you have a claim. If for any reason you think your employer should be held responsible, a claim may be in your future. Employers are required by law to keep you safe on the job. If they aren’t, hold them accountable.

Your Injury Prevents You From Resuming Your Old Job

Sometimes a workplace injury can be so severe that it precludes you from resuming your old job duties. On the other hand, your boss may simply refuse to let you return to the position. In this case, file a personal injury suit. You may be able to get your job, and your lost wages, back in hand.

Your Employer Refuses to Compensate or Aid You

What if your boss isn’t making any accommodations for you at all after an injury? That’s not legal. If you feel discriminated against because of your injury, the courts are your answer. Don’t wait until it’s too late. After you’ve been hurt at work, seeking advice from an injury lawyer should be your next step right away. You never know when the situation might at work might take a turn for the worse.